Bring in the festive season with colourful additions from Furnlink’s latest Siesta Exclusive range

From focal accents to staple pieces, the colour themes we choose in furniture and decor can convey a specific personality and mood. Utilising colour psychology, you can create your desired atmosphere, subtly influencing your customers’ emotions and perceptions, in any hospitality or commercial setting. If you’re looking to expand your current range this summer, Furnlink is the leading name for wholesale commercial and hospitality furniture Australia-wide. In today’s article, we’ll explore some of the latest colour trends in furniture for your festive inspiration.

Create a harmonious balance and tranquil setting with green furniture

Reflecting lush botanicals and vibrant foliage, green hues are often associated with natural landscapes. Bringing the outdoors in, green is a harmonious and tranquil colour that can also represent freshness, new growth and sustainability. Often used in kitchens, dining areas and healthcare settings, green furniture adds an uplifting touch, nurturing a sense of positive healing. Popular Siesta Exclusive products
  • Paris Armchair– A stackable chair made from polypropylene, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Victor Bentwood Chair with Cushion – A stacking, polypropylene indoor chair featuring a padded cushion for indoor use.
  • Marcel Chair – Stacking to 4-6 chairs high, this polypropylene chair is a versatile option for both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Marcel XL Armchair – With sleek curves and comfortable armrests, this polypropylene chair has a padded cushion for indoor use only.
  • Monna Chair with Cushion – Offering a minimalist, sleek look, this upholstered chair is crafted for indoor use only.

Add a vibrant burst of energy and passion with red furniture

Amplifying energy and desire, red shades exude the sultry excitement of fiery romance and passion. Commonly linked to increased appetite, red is also a popular colour choice for restaurants and kitchens, encouraging diners to eat more.  Pastel red hues can create a cosy, warm ambience while deeper shades can convey a sense of refined luxury. Popular Siesta Exclusive products
  • Air Chair® – Extraordinarily strong and durable, the Air Chair® is built to last in busy indoor and outdoor commercial environments.
  • Sky Chair – Weather resistant and UV stabilised, the Sky Chair is a popular option for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Snow Chair with Cushion – For indoor use only, the cushioned Snow Chair comes in red and a versatile range of colours for any commercial setting.
  • Air Barstool® – Elevating any indoor dining or outdoor bar setting with ease, the Air Barstool® can be matched with the Air Chair® for a cohesive look.
  • Tom Bar Stool 75 – Available in a beautifully subtle, pastel red hue, the Tom Bar Stool 75 is the perfect choice for any indoor or outdoor application.

Contrast bold accents with neutral grey furniture

While grey is a neutral colour, it’s a great backdrop option for other colours, allowing other statement furniture and decor accents to stand out. Timeless, simple and minimalist, pale greys can be used to create understated elegance while furniture in darker grey tones can create a sense of visual balance by toning down vibrant colours.  Used in combination with other colours, patterns and textures, grey furniture offers a flexible choice for both contemporary and traditional hospitality settings. Popular Siesta Exclusive products
  • Tom Stool 45 – An excellent addition to any alfresco or outdoor space, the stackable Tom Stool 45 is suited for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Victor Bar Stool 65 – Available in a gorgeous anthracite grey, the Victor Bar Stool is the perfect accompaniment to the Victor Bentwood Chair range.
  • Diva Armchair – Adding simple appeal to both indoor and outdoor settings, the polypropylene Diva Armchair is the perfect choice for busy, high-traffic venues.
  • Box Sofa – Super-strong and sturdy, the Box Sofa comfortably seats two people in any indoor or outdoor setting.
Loft Armchairs with Cushion – For indoor use only, you can mix and match the Loft Armchair frame with your coloured cushion of choice.

Colour your venue happy with Furnlink’s wholesale furniture solutions

Available in a huge range of colours from bright yellows to neutral creams and greys, Furnlink is proud to be an exclusive wholesaler of the Siesta furniture range. Sourcing the latest designs from Europe, we’ve partnered with retailers and distributors across Australia for over 20 years. Contact us today to learn more about our products or to become one of our trusted distributors.

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