Given the limited options available to you as reseller of commercial furniture, finding and working with the right commercial furniture wholesaler is now even more important as the hotel and hospitality industry expands, creating a surge in the demand for quality, stylish, durable commercial grade furniture for hotels.

So what are the tell tale signs you’ve actually found the right hotel furniture manufacturer to work with? Here are some of the most important criteria to remember.

Genuine concern for their clients’ interests 

When a furniture reseller works with a commercial furniture wholesaler, the reseller becomes the wholesaler’s client. And before the wholesaler can provide you (the reseller) with excellent service, the wholesaler must first understand the needs and aesthetic tastes of your own clients.

Who then are your clients?

They are the owners of hotels, cafés, restaurants and other hospitality businesses who partnered with you in order to enjoy easy access to a wide variety of stylish commercial furniture needed for their respective establishments.

A quality furniture wholesaler understands the role you play as reseller, as well as the industry your clients work in and takes a keen interest in new trends in the hotel and hospitality industry. This allows them to anticipate your needs and provide you with the best possible solutions.

It’s a chain reaction really. If you are satisfied with the amount of care given by your wholesaler, then that same excellent service will trickle down to your clients, which in turn will trickle down to their own customers who patronise their hotels and restaurants.

Consistency in product quality and service

Once you found a reliable commercial furniture wholesaler, it’s best to stick with the same company. It provides a level of convenience and stability to have a trusted partner you can work with in furnishing your clients’ hotels, cafés, restaurants and other hospitality establishments.

And that is precisely why you want to look for a furniture wholesaler with consistent pieces to supply your clients.

Customisable products and options

Products capable of some degree of customisation will be useful in a lot of different settings than those of a more specialised design.

Is custom commercial furniture for hotels expensive? No, not necessarily. You will find many times that working with a wholesaler who can supply you with customised items will result in ease of matching your clients’ décor and furniture in the exact precise manner they want.

Top Australian wholesaler with years of experience selling hotel furniture

Over the years Furnlink has gained the reputation of being Australia’s leading importer and wholesaler of commercial grade furniture intended for use in hotels, cafés, restaurants, bars and other hospitality industries.

Our goal is to boost sales for commercial furniture resellers such as yourself.

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or wherever you are in Australia, we will provide you with a complete partner program which will allow you sell even more.

If you’re looking for innovative, high quality hotel and commercial furniture designs, look no further.

Our huge range of inventory includes stylish, sturdy, commercial grade chairs, barstools, tabletops and table bases, plus many other exclusive products.

So, when you need to replace a furniture item with something that blends better with your client’s décor, you know you can always count on us to get you the item. This ensures that you’ll never have to waste time, money and resources looking elsewhere.

The advantage of working with a particular wholesaler such as Furnlink is the quality of TRUST that’s there and the relationship you build with us. That same relationship is what allows us, your wholesaler, to understand what you look for in commercial furniture.

Contact us today and let us help you drive more sales and attract new clients through our partnership program. Our friendly staff would be more than happy to answer whatever questions you might have about our products and services.

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