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How to Decorate Your Office Lunch Room to Drive Productivity

Jun 7, 2018 | Design Inspiration

Your people are the lifeblood of your business. A company, no matter how great or small, owes much of its success to its employees. To inspire employees to give their best in helping the organisation accomplish great things, the least a company can do is provide them with great lunch room facilities.

Employees have been known to go the extra mile for the company they work for when given the treatment and respect they deserve.

You too can follow suit and motivate your employees to GREATER PRODUCTIVITY.

To get the message across that you’re there for your employees, decorate your office lunch room in a way that enhances employee welfare and morale.

So get ready to learn how to decorate your office lunch room to boost productivity.

Choose Cool, Relaxing or Reenergising Colours

The lunch room is a place for employees to relax or reenergise. The colour you choose will have a direct impact on their creativity, mental alertness and productivity.

Here are a few examples:

  • Blue, being the colour of ocean or sky, creates a feeling of space and calm, making it suitable for smaller or cramped work spaces. Painting your lunch room blue could help your employees feel more alert or energetic throughout the day.
  • Yellow exudes an aura of optimism and cheer, making the colour a great choice for workplaces dominated by drab or neutral colours. Yellow inspires employees to be more creative and more confident in their work skills.
  • Green is another colour known for its revitalising effects. It’s not only the colour of life and nature, but also a symbol of a fresh start or renewal. If your employees do a lot of repetitive tasks, use green in the lunch room to bring a refreshing vibe that carries throughout the workplace

Provide Comfortable Sturdy Lounges, Barstools, Chairs and Tables

The lunch room is where employees unwind and relax. It only makes sense to provide them with cosy and comfortable commercial grade furniture.

This is where you can get creative in equipping the room with stylish, comfy, functional yet easy to clean and maintain cafe tables, chairs and barstools that your employees will surely appreciate.

The range of furniture available at Furnlink is ideal for this.  Being Commercial grade, the product is extremely durable and as it is used within the hospitality industry, also built for comfort.  I know you don’t want your staff hanging out in the lunchroom too long, however utilising quality furnishings will allow them to replenish some of their energy stocks during their lunch break, allowing for a more efficient employee in the afternoon.

Provide a Functional Coffee Maker

In an average workplace, almost everyone drinks coffee to keep their energy levels high. So provide free coffee to keep everyone happy. Invest in a quality coffee machine for your lunchroom where employees can easily enjoy a good cup of coffee without having to go across the street to get it.

Add a Mini Library

Provide books, magazines and newspapers for your employees to read. So when decorating your office lunch room, you need to consider adding a mini library at a strategic spot in the room.

Alternatively, you can add a gaming station to help ease away the monotony of work so employees can get back to their tasks refreshed and more focussed.

A Place to Lay Their Heads

More often than not, work can get pretty exhausting especially during peak season. That said, employees need a place where they can lie down for few minutes to ease their throbbing heads or to relieve them of the aches of being on their feet too long.

Consider adding a day bed, or for versitility a 3 seater lounge can serve the same purpose.

Invest in a Good Quality Microwave Oven

Many employees prefer to bring their own lunch in order to save money. A good quality microwave oven is not terribly expensive, so it’s a good idea to have this item in the lunch room as well to ensure your employees can enjoy a delicious warm meal.

Brighten Up the Room with Inspiring Artwork and Images

Inspiring images and artwork have the ability to transport us to another world, brighten our mood, and soften the monotony of a typical workplace. You don’t have to spend a fortune for this. Even posters with amusing quotes or wise sayings work pretty well for the purpose.

Install a Full Length Mirror

A big part of an employee’s role is to represent the company in a positive light.

That’s why you absolutely need a full length mirror in the lunch room, to help your staff do a quick check of their tie, their hair, their shoes, their makeup or their dress to ensure that they look presentable at all times.

This factor is vital to your brand image, and not something you can afford to neglect.

Provide a Computer and Good Internet Connection

With the Internet and techy gadgets all around us, you probably think people would not be so inclined to use a computer during lunch breaks. However, having a computer in the lunch room with good internet connection will ensure employees can have quick access to a computer in case they need to.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your employees and providing them with appropriate facilities to help them do a great job can go a long way toward ensuring you have a strong, happy, competent team that’s loyal to you and your organisation.

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