Furnlink Warehouse Upgrade

Sep 27, 2019 | Press Releases

As demand for our products continues to steadily grow, we recently made the decision to move into a larger premises to increase our warehouse capacity. Not only that, we also took the opportunity to upgrade our storage systems to maximise storage capacity in our new warehouse.

As one of Australia’s leading wholesalers of hospitality furniture, we strive to provide our resellers with as much help as possible to help you sell more. This includes keeping large stock holdings so that you don’t have to. This means that you can sell large amounts of stock without having to store them, and we’ll even ship them directly to your customers. In order to provide this service and hold enough stock to meet demand, it is essential that the storage capacity of our warehouse is maximised. That’s where Macrack come in. 

Upgrading Our Warehouse Storage Systems

Macrack is one of Australia’s leading pallet racking manufacturers.They manufacture high quality, Australian made pallet racking and storage solutions at their Brisbane facility. Each racking system manufactured by Macrack comes with a lifetime guarantee so we knew that we could rely on them for our storage system upgrade.

New & Existing Mezzanine Floor

As demand for our products has grown over the years, we have had to add additional storage to our warehouse on multiple occasions. We found that raised storage areas were the ideal storage solution for the storage of our large furniture products as they increased the floor space of the warehouse and allowed for easy access to the stock. As a result, we acquired a number of small, independent mezzanine floors dotted throughout our original premises. We hired Macrack to help us plan our new warehouse space while making use of our existing storage systems. They came back to us with the idea of merging all of the individual mezzanine floors from our old premises and making them into one large, open floor area. The use of our existing mezzanine floors meant that there was still room in the budget to add more onto the floors creating additional storage space. Plus, as Macrack mezzanine floors are demountable structures that can be broken down into component form, they can be relocated again and again for maximum benefit.

Furniture Racks

We also had new furniture racks installed for even more furniture storage. As the majority of our products are bulky and cumbersome, we needed a storage system that provided enough space for safe storage without causing damage to the products. A furniture rack is ideal for this as they are made with timber shelves. This means that larger products can be securely stored on the racks without pallets. Additionally, furniture racks make use of vertical space as racks can be custom made to be as high as necessary, with as many shelves as needed. This means that more products can be stored in a smaller floorspace, increasing the overall storage capacity of our warehouse. Essentially, this means that we are able to carry more stock to provide our resellers with high stock availability and quick product deliveries.

Your Partners In Hospitality Furniture

We are always looking for new ways to assist our partners in selling more products, and increasing our stock holding capacity is no exception. We can hold stock for you and deliver directly to your clients to make the selling process as easy as possible. Plus, we offer free shipping and next day dispatch to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay, Toowoomba, Sydney, Melbourne, & Adelaide. 

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