Environmental Care

As a part of Furnlink’s responsibility for sustainable development, we adapt practices on how we can meet customer satisfaction and at the same time, care for our environment.

To reduce our ecological footprint we have upgraded infrastructure and implemented several systems including:

Paperless Office

All systems and processes are paperless

There are several advantages to going paperless in a business. Aside from helping us maintain an eco-friendly approach, it also helps simplify the transactions in our company. We email invoices to customers. The majority of our orders are received via phone or email and processed directly into our cloud based ERP system.  Quotations are handled the same way.  Lastly, all internal communication is handled via face to face communication, email, phone or direct messaging.

Solar Panels on our Warehouse provide at least 60% of our operating power.

With over 250 days a year with sunshine in our region, Solar is a reliable supplementary power source for our business.  With minimal negative impact on the environment compared to any other energy source, our system handles a large part of our day to day power usage.  Solar energy helps us save energy and money and reduce our business’ carbon emissions.

Solar Power

We reuse more than 80% of our suppliers packaging

At Furnlink, we provide quality products from quality suppliers. As such when these products arrive on our shores, they are in the most case, extremely well packed and presented.  Due to this, we do not see any need to destroy the packaging they arrive in and replace with our own.

Utilizing the packaging material from our product supplier is not only great for the environment, but also allows us to minimize product and operating costs, which translates into better pricing for our customers.

We encourage our customers to also reuse packaging. More than 80% of the packaging we add to our suppliers packaging can also be reused again.

The packaging materials that we use are recyclable

Cardboard boxes, pallets, shrink wrap and bubble wrap make up the majority of packaging material used by Furnlink.  Each of these products can be recycled.  Here are a few ideas how;

Boxes can be reused or recycled through most standard recycling programs.  SImply break down the boxes and place them within your recycling bin

Our pallets are made from wood.  These are made to be used over and over again.  Many people also break these down and use them for making furniture and other household items.  Need inspiration?  Visit 1001pallets.com for ideas.

Shrink wrap is a soft plastic and may not be recyclable through your standard recycling service.  However in Australia, these products can be recycled through redcycle.net.au.

Like shrink wrap, bubble wrap is also a soft plastic.  It can also be recycled through redcycle.

Shipping and Packaging

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