Why choose Durabase…

Oct 17, 2017 | Product News

Furnlink’s Durabases have been upgraded in 7 different ways from standard table bases to withstand heavy commercial, indoor and outdoor dining environments.

1. Heavy Duty Top PlateWhy choose Durabase Table Bases

  • Furnlink have upgraded the standard top plate to a heavy duty ribbed cast aluminium top plate. This prevents breakages during heavy commercial use.

2. 12mm Threaded Rod

  • Furnlink have upgraded the standard 10mm threaded rod to a 12mm threaded rod. The 12mm threaded rod adds extra strength and stability.

3. Heavy Duty Pole

  • Furnlink have upgraded the standard pole. Furnlink use extra thick high quality aluminium. This adds strength and stability reducing pole flex and movement.

4. Notched Joints

  • Furnlink notch both the top and bottom joints. This stops the table top spinning lose on the table base.

5. Extra Protective Layer

  • Furnlink have added an extra coat of protection. This protects the base from harsh outdoor weather conditions and sea spray near coastal areas.

6. Heavy Duty Base

  • Furnlink have upgraded the material quality and thickness to support heavier table tops and prevent breakages during heavy commercial use.

7. Adjustable/Replaceable Feet

  • Furnlink’s bases have adjustable feet that can be replaced. The feet can be adjusted to sit flat and sturdy on uneven surfaces.

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