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Quality Wholesale Furniture for Sydney Hospitality Furniture Distributors from Furnlink

Oct 17, 2017 | Press Releases

Furnlink Furniture, one of the biggest wholesalers of hospitality furniture in Australia, offers top-quality products to resellers and distributors all over the country. Excellent customer support and innovative, stylish products have made Furnlink the preferred supplier of wholesale furniture for Sydney-based distributors.

Furniture distributors have a tough time competing so to succeed, they have to stand out, whether it’s by offering a complete range of products, including hospitality furniture, or by ensuring they offer the best quality products, or, preferably, both. A furniture reseller, especially one specialising in commercial furniture, that hasn’t expanded their offering to include hospitality furniture is essentially giving money away for free.

The hospitality industry is a massive market that every distributor needs to tap into, but it needs to be done properly. Business owners are highly discerning when it comes to hospitality furniture as it can make or break their company. Poor quality, uncomfortable furniture will have their customers walking out the door in the blink of an eye while highly expensive furniture that is all style over substance might be too high of an investment, shrinking their profit margins.

This is why wholesale furniture, Sydney distributors have learned, can’t be sourced from just anywhere or a reseller stands a good chance of investing in inventory they can’t sell. This is where Furnlink comes in. Not only do they offer top-quality products distributors can be certain will fly off the shelves, the company offers further support to ensure that their partners succeed. For example, with Furnlink there’s no need to invest in high quantities of stock because they will ship direct to the end-user, saving the distributor time as well as the cost of freight.

Thus, the customer receives their order quicker, thereby increasing loyalty, and the distributor doesn’t have to invest in large quantities of stock. They simply take the order from the customer and pass it on to Furnlink.

Furnlink Furniture offers a wide range of wholesale furniture for the hospitality industry, including an amazing new range designed specifically for the outdoors. The Resin Rattan Range is incredibly stylish but unbelievably durable as it is made of weather resistant moulded resin. In other words, establishments won’t have to change their outdoor furniture every year because it has taken a beating from the environment. The Resin Rattan Range is highly popular among distributors, especially during the summer months.

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity! Visit today and watch your sales skyrocket when you add their range of products to your offering.

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